Car washing programs

By choosing multiple washing options, you create added value for your users, improve your standing among the competition and increase the profitability of your car wash.

An Adriateh self-service car wash is completely adapted for the specific demands and wishes of investors. It comes with two basic washing programs, which include a hot water and powder wash as well as final rinsing (osmosis) with demineralized water.
As much as 80% of the time a user spends at the car wash is spent using precisely these two programs. Even though any car wash with these two programs would be complete, by selecting additional options, you can create added value for your users, improve your standing among the competition and increase the profitability of your car wash.

Basic Washing Programs


For those looking for the very best for their users
A wash using pressurized hot water and powder detergent is the most effective way of getting rid of dirt that is hard to remove from a vehicle. The combination of powder and pressurized hot water guarantees double the washing and degreasing power. The wash program is also available in a configuration using liquid detergent, if an investor prefers it.

Final Rinsing (Osmosis)

For your users, car body wiping cloths are a thing of the past
The water used for final rinsing is purified using a reverse osmosis procedure that removes minerals and small particles from the water. Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated water purification process out there and it ensures a stainless shine for the body of any vehicle. Your users will truly appreciate it, you can take our word for it.

Optional washing programs


Enhancing shine and preventing water spots
99% of our customers chose wax as an additional washing program. Wax is a standard element of a car wash and users expect it to be part of the services offered.

Active Foam

To give your car wash the ultimate image
The combination of softened cold water, high pressure and a high-quality active foam achieves a unique visual result and enriches the user experience at the car wash. It is also great for collecting likes on social media.


An irreplaceable ally against dirt that is hard to remove
The combination of hot water, a high-quality shampoo and a fine camel hair brush ensures a superb washing result when dealing with difficult cases and dried dirt that is impossible to remove by high- pressure washing.

Undercarriage Wash

For a car wash adapted for all seasons
Owners of car washes located in areas with a lot of snow and salted roads who offer an undercarriage washing program have an advantage over their competitors who don’t offer this service. The undercarriage wash system combines 16 rotating nozzles that eject 250 liters of water per minute, enough to clean the buildup of salt, mud and hardened dirt from the undercarriage of a vehicle.

Insects and Rims

It is a program for applying a prewash agent for easier removal of dirt glued onto the body and rims of a vehicle.


Rinsing with softened water

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